The perfect combination – beer and wifi

//The perfect combination – beer and wifi

The perfect combination – beer and wifi

Unicorn WiFi

John Freeman, landlord of The Unicorn, checking his mobile for news and emails

Bathams Brewery has created the perfect combination for customers at The Unicorn Pub in Wollaston – their normal terrific pint plus the latest technology!

WiFi has just been installed at The Unicorn and regulars and visitors can now enjoy their favourite pint whilst catching up with the news, their emails, or even a bit of work on their own wireless-capable laptops and mobiles. They can enjoy browsing the Web, or maybe watching their ebay auctions in real-time, all in the comfort of their pub!

Landlord John Freeman said “Our customers could even leave work a bit earlier now and continue on their laptops over a refreshing pint!”

Installing the new technology has been the task of Tim Bailey of Stourbridge-based business techys2u. He said “We have been delighted to introduce this technology for Bathams Brewery, who were quick to realise the benefits a WiFi hotspot offers many of their customers.”

Amazingly, the service is free! To start using it is very straightforward: users simply come in with their suitable laptops or mobiles, create their own on-line account, which is almost instantly activated – and then just start! As this stage is done only once, regulars will be then be able to enjoy using the service whenever they are in the pub from there on.

Matthew Batham, Director, said “We are very keen to offer our customers such up to date technology as a free service that they can enjoy alongside a pint or two in a relaxed atmosphere. We are now planning to roll this out in many of our pubs over the coming months.”

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