Bathams sponsors Bedcote Morris Dancers

//Bathams sponsors Bedcote Morris Dancers

Bathams sponsors Bedcote Morris Dancers

Morris dancing has become a recent welcome sight at Batham’s pubs.

Bedcote Morris

Bedcote Morris at Bathams pubs

The historic and characterful nature of Batham’s pubs provides a series of perfect backdrops for this colourful, energetic and ancient form of dance and entertainment.

Morris dancing is believed to go back at least 500 years, becoming a fixture of Church festivals by the early 16th century.  At that time churches themselves brewed and sold ales for all sorts of occasions!  Later, Morris dancing became part of village fetes as well as May Day and other celebrations.

Batham’s sponsored team is Bedcote Morris.  Formed locally in 1991, the team took ‘Bedcote’ as its name from the feudal manor which became Stourbridge.  The team currently totals 14 male and female dancers, together with 3 musicians, and dance at least twice a week, come rain or shine!

A Morris team traditionally has a ‘Foreman’ – the person who leads and is in charge of the dancing.  Foreman for Bedcote Morris is Phil Watson, who himself has 40 years’ experience of Morris dancing.

Phil said  “We are delighted Bedcote Morris has this association with Bathams, enabling us to reach local audiences at a series of great pubs in great locations.”

Director Matthew Batham agreed.  “Bathams is known for its historic pubs and traditional ales and Morris dancing fits with that perfectly.  What combination could be nicer on a Summer’s day for our customers?”

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